Yoni Alter designs London themed socks for Look Mate

You can tell a lot about someone from their socks. If the person is sporting a blue or black hue, they like to play it safe. Alternatively, if there is the flash of polka dot ankle when they cross their legs, there could be more to this person than meets the eye.

London sock brand, Look Mate, is aware of the importance of the sock when it comes to fashion. Each month the brand produces a new playful design of sock. Working with a diverse range of designers from interior to visual, Look Mate aims to produce a product that is a cut above the rest.

Its latest collaboration is no exception. The brand has teamed up with leading illustrator and designer, Yoni Alter, to celebrate the city of London. Alter has created a brand new design called ‘London Town.’

This is a pair of socks with a message. Look Mate and Alter hope to inspire Londoners to explore the city and soak up its culture on foot.

As a London based designer and artist, Alter is familiar with the city’s landscape. He said: “I love London's architecture. London's combination of both old and new iconic buildings is like no other city in the world. The distinctive buildings make great graphic shapes to work with.”

This isn’t the first time Alter has been inspired by the city. After studying art and design in Jerusalem, Alter came to London to complete his MA in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. During his time there he fell in love with the city and has continued to use it as a source of inspiration ever since.

Previously, Alter has created the iconic branding for London’s TV channel, London Live, and has sold his merchandise at the Tate Modern in London and the MOMA in New York. Currently he is working on an on-going project entitled ‘Shape of Cities.’ The project includes posters depicting city skylines across the globe.  

Alter’s work is recognisable from his bold use of colour and the combination of figurative and abstract shapes. In his London Town Socks he uses bright colours and simple silhouettes to create the instantly recognisable London skyline.

One thing is for sure, anyone wearing Alter’s socks could never be accused of being boring.

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