World Photography Day: A Celebration of Visual Communication

This international event brings all levels of photographers and enthusiasts together in appreciation of an enduring artistic medium

Words by Patrice Sweeney

It’s World Photography Day, and if social media is anything to go by, then enthusiasts around the globe are uniting in celebration of this continually revolutionary form of expression.

Even some of us at DesignCurial have shared images today:


Inside the Pantheon, courtesy of Patrice Sweeney

Photography as a creative medium is an inclusive process in which anyone can participate, from novices who capture inspiration in their day to day lives, to keen professionals who travel the globe for a fleeting glimpse of the ephemeral. Each tap at a Smartphone, or click of a camera allows a sharing of moments between strangers, and transcends the limits of language.

Oslo street art, courtesy of Lauren Beeching

While World Photography Day has been celebrated on August 19 since 2010, the use of photography in the public extends as far back as 1839. It was during that time that the French government bought the patent for the grandfather of modern photographs, the daguerreotype, and released it for common use.

Barcelona street art, courtesy of Katherine Houston

Photos, and the means in which they’re used, have captured the human instinct of storytelling. This innate drive is illustrated by the popularity of image-oriented communication which dominates modern content. Approximately 250 billion photographs have been posted to Facebook. Instagram, with its focus on pictures, has around 400 million active accounts.

Burano, Venice, courtesy of Lauren Beeching

Whether through the idle appreciation of a well-plated meal, or the urge to trek through faraway lands to witness the unknown, photography is a versatile platform whose applications will continue to thrive.

Happy World Photography Day.

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