Wooden pyramid overlooks UK’s largest stretch of water

Scottish loch highlighted by innovative lookout

A towering pyramid viewpoint sits overlooking the UK's largest inland stretch of water: Loch Lomond.


Image credit: Ross Campbell

Architecture practice BTE has highlighted the beauty of the Scottish landscape with its project 'The Pyramid Viewpoint'.

A rectangular passage frames the loch, plus an alternative vantage point over the loch has been created via the pyramid staircase.


Image credit: Andrew Lee

The pyramid only peaks over the surrounding brush, ensuring it is at one with nature. As visitors approach the site they can enjoy a clear vision of the loch through the wooden passage, creating a picturesque scene.


Image credit: Andrew Lee

Entering the tunnel and out the other site it is a completely different view with two staircases meeting in the middle to form the pyramid. A rest or photo point features midway up the flight of steps, creating a total treated floor area of 60 sq m.


Image credit: Ross Campbell

The lookout resides in Inveruglas, Scotland, and is comprised solely of wood, where the walls, steps and benches are finished with a vertical timber rain screen.


Cladding of vertical timber rain screen. Image credit: Ross Campbell

The architects of BTE - Daniel Bär, Stéphane Toussaint and Sean Edwards - finalised the project in May 2015, in time for travellers to visit during the warmer summer months.

hfhfImage credit: Andrew Lee  

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