Announcing the FX Awards 2019 Winners!

Public Sector

Winner: Cloud of Luster Chapel by KTX ArchiLAB

Public Sector  Winner: Cloud of Luster Chapel by KTX ArchiLAB

Image Credit: Stirling Elmendorf

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Lustre, glitter, sparkle, light, shine and brightness are fundamentals of any modern wedding ceremony. It’s the time for writing a new page in people’s lives: a white page, all in joy, all in happiness, all together, open to the future, reflecting dreams and hopes, reflecting the lustre of life.

Dreams and light are depicted as curves and glass. A cloud-shaped space for the chapel is enveloped in transparent curved glass bringing daylight from all directions. Only the organ space and the technical room are enveloped in a circular white wall at the back of the chapel.

The chapel is all white, and its minimalistic ceiling, free of any technical machinery or equipment, is supported by round columns with hyperbolic cone heads. The same columns support the roof of the approach that connects the main ceremony hall to the chapel and gives access to the garden. The circles on the basin side have a hyperbolic shaped base, creating an impression of a floating chapel. The water surface reflects this floating chapel, adding more lightness to the structure – and extending dreams into other dimensions.

All technical equipment has been placed on the floor, upper lights are arranged around the columns to enhance the hyperbolic heads, and the air-conditioning works through slits all along the glass curves.

The Cloud of Luster Chapel translates the wedding ceremony spirit into a built environment that offers purely a dreamy, glistering memory.

The judges said...
‘An exquisite architectural piece that is both joyful and celebratory’

Finalists & Judges’ Comments

Bourne View by Colten Care
‘The sympathetic re-use of the building and careful restoration provides a delightful environment’

Cripps Penthouse, St John’s College, Cambridge by Eve Waldron Design
‘Great use of colour and fabrics to enhance a living space’

Wellem Jinqiao Centre by Jason Design Group
‘Thoughtful interior and impressive building; an extremely cheerful environment to aid wellness’

Wellem Vision-Lind Bakery by Jason Design Group
‘The narrative and the architecture are both beautifully thought through and create a wonderful environment’

WETA Richmond Ferry Terminal by Marcy Wong Donn Logan
‘An expressive structure inviting users to step in and take a journey’ Blue School by Rockwell Group ‘Vibrant and accommodating for a multi-level school’

Tia Clinic by Rockwell Group
‘Transformative use of colour and graphics complement the layout and design of the clinical space’

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