WILD LIFE comes to Finsbury Avenue Square

A new installation was unveiled today at Finsbury Avenue Square, London. His name is Gus and he is a three-metre tall polygonal gorilla.

Gus was created by Marokka, the Anglo-Italian design house who specialise in unique modern sculpture. He is the company’s first ever public art sculpture.

Marokka has teamed up with Broadgate and The Aspinall Foundation to create WILD LIFE, a unique, tech-inspired exhibition combining physical and digital sculpture.

The exhibit not only includes show stopper Gus but also invites observers to immerse themselves in the display using an augmented reality app.

Individuals can download the free ‘Marokka’ app to their smartphone. By pointing their phone at images of various endangered animals they will see a virtual moving sculpture of that animal appear on their phone. The virtual sculptures highlight issues surrounding these endangered animals and the incredible work of charity partner The Aspinall Foundation in protecting them.

Joe Cocozza, Commercial Director of Marokka said:

 ‘We relished the challenge of recreating one of our sculptures on this scale for Broadgate, and using AR technology to enhance the physical experience. Gus works as a design thanks to the magnificence of the gorilla as an animal, so it is a privilege for us to partner with The Aspinall Foundation and help raise awareness of their amazing work.’

Gus is part of a Portfolio of Marokka’s sculptures which include Frank, the French Bulldog. The products reflect Marokka’s design and architectural background and their fascination with the structure and geometry of all that surrounds the every day.

Marokka is currently in talks to produce Gus the Gorilla and Frank the bulldog on a smaller scale to be sold in major retailers to be announced later this year.

For the time being, Gus will remain in situ throughout the London Design Festival until the 24 September. At the end of the festival, Gus will be presented to The Aspinall Foundation, which is committed to returning rare and endangered animals back to their natural habitats.

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