Tower Bridge introduces new artist in residence: Alex Evans

Tower Bridge is hosting its first ever artist in residence this summer as part of its Tower Bridge Exhibition. We went along to meet with the man of the hour, Alex Evans.

Evans’ exhibit is called ‘Beauty and the Bridge.’ The exhibition explores the relationship of architecture, geometry and nature using a myriad of materials from sketches through to digital print making.

“When I started the residency I realised I had a finite period of time. It unlocked a finite number of possibilities and made me work quite quickly” Said Evans.

Standing beside a wall of sketches and images that show the creative process behind the exhibit, Evans pointed out the window to the inspiration of his work, Tower Bridge. He demonstrated how he incorporated the building into the sketches in the studio.

Using the Bridge as a jumping off point, Evans explored different ways of interpreting the iconic landmark.  

 “It’s such an iconic building… it’s my job to explore and interpret the building… it became really important to me the tops of the building…the whole thing wasn’t iconic it was more moments of the building that are iconic.” Evan’s said.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the bridge through different perspectives. Evans approaches the bridge as an active and living building coexisting alongside nature adapting and changing over time.

Throughout the work the Bridge appears and disappears.  The ornamental gothic forms of the bridge that Evans has singled out as ‘iconic,’ are shown in a state of transition; organically growing, dissolving, as the elements and conditions change around it.

It’s clear that Evans is inspired by a number of disciplines. His work reflects a mathematical brain but also incorporates elements of performance – he studied drama at University.

The result is a series of works that reimagine the bridge through drawing, performance and engagement practices.

As part of his residency, Evans took part in a community engagement project with Boutcher Primary School in Southwark. Working closely with the Tower Bridge Education Team, Evans ran a series of workshops with children aged 7 to 10 years old.  

Using drawing, photography and collage, Evan’s encouraged the children to explore the unique architectural qualities of the bridge. The resulting work is a series of striking kaleidoscopic visions reflecting the city through the eyes of young Londoners.

The Children’s work is displayed on The West Walkway:

 “It made so much sense to me to have the kids work at the highest point, a real prominent place,” said Evans.

Evans’ residency coincides with a number of other cultural events taking place at the Bridge as it further establishes itself as a new cultural space in London. You can view the children’s work and Evans’ exhibit at the Tower Bridge Exhibition until autumn 2017.

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