Top Five in December

The most interesting products to hit the market

Words by Sophie Tolhurst

1.Panbeton Collection
by Concrete LCDA with Sebastian Herkner and Rodolphe Parente

Panbeton panels, made of raw concrete on lightweight foam beds, imitate solid concrete walls. In this new collection, Studio LCDA look at weatherworn facades, Herkner inlays fragments of contrasting materials, while Parente uses gestural textures.

2.Grade Plus
by Lammhults

Designed by Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, Grade Plus adds an integrated armrest to Grade’s signature curved shell. Five colours are available: white-grey, graphite, beige, dark red, and black, all made of recycled material. Options include upholstered seats and several different frames.

3. Inari
by Cameron Design House

Ian Cameron’s latest design is a chandelier inspired by Lake Inari in Finland. A sculptural, fluid ribbon of integrated LED lighting, each chandelier is unique, hand-formed to the desired size, and available in polished/ brushed metal finishes and the range of RAL colours. 

4. EchoPanel Inline
by Woven Image

EchoPanel Inline offers a way to incorporate acoustic panels into office ceilings in creative configurations. Available in kits or as separate components, the 24mm panels are suspended horizontally from the ceiling, with an adjustable cable stopper allowing them to be fixed at different heights.

5. Zilenzio – Focus Podseat
by Note

The Focus Podseat integrates table, bench and screen in one for an elegant take on workspace pod seating. The high backrest-turnedscreen is soundabsorbing, while its attractive semicircular form functions well both in the centre of a room or against a wall.


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