Top Five

Our pick of products new to market

Words by Cathy Hayward

1. Star Shelf by Studio Nada Debs
In tribute to designer Nada Debs’ links to the Middle and Far East, the Star shelf incorporates her Eastern heritage. In American walnut, the geometric star pattern, characteristic of traditional Islamic geometry, is both the formal and functional basis of the product.

2. Lustre by 1882 with Bethan Gray

A collaboration between design and ceramics professionals, the Lustre collection is hand-made from fine bone china. The black and 24-carat gold pattern is applied in stages then double-fired, completing a 12-day production process.

3. Chrona Lights by Graypants Studio

Designed to mimic the phosphorescent envelope found around stars, Chrona by Graypants Studio is available in horizontal or vertical orientations. Pendants can be clustered together or hung individually, creating a distinctive feature.

4. Signet Table by Daniel Schofield

Created for nomads who reconfigure their space regularly, the Signet Table promotes a clean, understated aesthetic. The split trestle is held together by aluminium rings that slide over each half, bringing the halves together and locking them in place

5. Earl by Jess Design

Expanding the established Earl collection, Jess Design added a three-seater sofa last year. Inspired by informal ambience, the Earl takes its design from natural materials and uses a unique manufacturing process to create the seat in a variety of colour and design options.

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