The Wow Factor

With totally different décors, unique finishes and textures – all on 100% recycled boards – it’s no wonder Saviola’s kbb was a success.

Introduced to the UK for the first time at kbb, the genius of designer, Daniele Merla, and his team at Trendcor impressed visitors on the Saviola stand from the moment the show opened its doors. “We’ve been working on the collection for months to create a difference and we’ve achieved that,” Barry Berman, who represents Saviola in the UK, told Furniture Journal. “Although you can pick out stars in the collection like the striking marble designs with the unique Blunt texture, the Tigerwood, the Aged Oak and woodgrains like the new Castle Walnut with Chalet texture, everything we’d displayed was attracting interest. The Chalet was a huge hit just because it was so different and authentic-looking. It was very, very popular. And everybody who came on the stand went over to the Aged Oak to touch it – then they’d ask if it was real wood. That’s what Saviola is all about: it’s different; it’s authentic in look and feel; it has the wow factor and people love it.”

But there’s another aspect to Saviola that’s giving manufacturers a tangible edge in the marketplace: “Saviola’s production philosophy is based on the twin notions of re-cycling and upcycling, meaning the salvaging and re-using of waste to give it a second life without the need to cut down trees,” said Barry. “Almost to a person, those who visited Saviola at kbb were impressed with the statement, the first 100% recycled wood. It was all over the stand.”

The kitchen furniture manufacturer, Daval, also showing at kbb, had been quick to take advantage of the benefits of working with Saviola. Its contemporary Renzo kitchen range was not only FSC certified and made from 100% recycled materials – qualities that later won it the Made in Yorkshire Award 2020for sustainable and ethical manufacturing – it was also the first in Britain to treat more than 500 stand visitors to a very different and innovative look at kbb. And that was courtesy of Saviola décors. “All of the Renzo décors are from Saviola,” commented Daval’s Managing Director, Simon Bodsworth. “They have an excellent team of designers and trend forecasters led by Daniele Merla and have clearly identified key trends within the market that apply to our target market.  Their technical ability in terms of producing 100% recycled material is second to none and they are clearly market leaders in this field. For us, the reaction was unbelievable and Renzo was undoubtedly the star of the show. It is the right time for a product like this in the market in terms of design and sustainable features and one which our customers value.”

And that’s a fact that hasn’t escaped    two nationwide distributors. Saviola boards with hand-picked décors for the UK market will be available from both Deralam and Panelco - Deralam already have six.

Summing up Saviola’s first show experience in the UK, Barry Berman was clearly delighted: “We wanted to come to kbb with our first UK Stock Range and be different, and I can confidently say that we achieved our aim. It was a great feeling to get such positive feedback and I cannot wait to start seeing the range out there in the market.”

To find out more, contact Barry by emailing him at, or for more information on Saviola, download the free Furniture Journal App and touch here.  For more information on Saviola’s recycled product, touch the image marked with a link sign and watch the video on your smartphone or tablet.20 


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