The world's 10 best mazes

7. Hampton Court Palace maze, Surrey, UK


Hampton Court Palace Maze is perhaps the most famous maze in the world and is the UK's oldest surviving hedge maze.

Planted in the late 17th century for King William III and Queen Mary II as part of a formal garden layout labelled the 'Wilderness', the maze was designed by royal gardeners George London and Henry Wise.

Although it only takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, the maze is deceivingly difficult with its many twists, turns and dead ends. Perhaps this is why many British families grow up with a visit to this internationally recognised maze.


Originally, the maze was planted in hornbeam where two others were planted, however it was replanted with yew in the 1960s after Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's 18th century showdown saw many features of the formal gardens destroyed.

Trapezoidal in shape, the maze covers a third of an acre with half a mile of paths and its yew hedges stand seven feet high and three feet wide.

Famous English writer, Jerome K Jerome used the maze in his book Three Men in a Boat, where the men stated that the maze was 'absurd to call it a maze,' after which they were soon completely lost.

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