The world's 10 best green universities

#7 Singapore University of Technology and Design



The Singapore University of Technology Design is a great representation of the key academic studies taking place there: Architecture and Sustainable Design, Engineering Product Development, Engineering Systems and Design and Information Systems Technology and Design.

These four pillars are evoked throughout the building where they have implemented natural ventilation principles to adhere to Singapore's extreme humidity through studying orientation and the wind patterns to go about this in a natural way.

Designed by the international architecture practice UNStudio and Singapore-based architects DP, The building design contains covered walkways as well as open areas, louvered facade shading, extensive daylight to the interiors and protection from heavy rain shower, to account for the humidity.


The open design, curved exteriors and abundance of green spaces involving gardens, plants and trees, exemplifies a strong adherence to a sustainability program which in turn will benefit all the students and staff at SUTD.

As for whether the university has benefitted from this changed environment, UNStudio said, 'This was a new build project, from scratch. As such the environment wasn't changed in an existing university, instead the landscaping was an essential and integrated part of the whole design of the new academic campus.'

Images: ©Hufton+Crow

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