The Kintsugi Collection celebrates the beauty of imperfection

Italian design brand Seletti have revealed their latest collection, which takes its inspiration from an ancient Japanese tradition.

Created by the talented Italian designer, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for innovative brand Seletti, the Kintsugi collection celebrates the beauty of imperfection. The collection of crockery includes plates, tea cups and bowls, and draws its inspiration from the traditional Japanese technique of Kintsugi.

Founded in 1964 by Romano and Maria Seletti, the Seletti brand is well known for their professionalism, poetic creativity and also for the research and development that is put into every one of their products and collections. Launched at Maison et Object, the Kintsugi collection takes the name of the ancient Japanese of repairing broken pottery with lacquer, dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum.

Malerba, the collection’s designer, wanted to embrace the elegance of imperfection and history of the pottery – creating pieces that can stand the test of time, within a “consumerist world” where the value and appeal of our objects are decreasing as they are quickly replaced by a new version. Instead, the Kintsugi collection highlights the exact opposite of this ‘throw-away’ mentality, looking back in time at cherished traditions.

By celebrating the beauty of each flaw within each piece of porcelain, a new chapter is also opened in the object’s history. As well as paying homage to an ancient technique, Malerba has also added a luxurious, contemporary flair to the Kintsugi collection; each piece features lacquer mixed with 24-carat gold, and the contrasting styles and patterns used in each item has created a unique, distinctive collection that could be mistaken for works of art.

Not only are these captivating designs interesting and distinctive conversation starters, but they also display the influence of creativity, and the work of artisans, during a time where many of our products are mass-produced. By bringing a traditional Japanese skill back to life and modernising it with a fresh, lavish twist, the Kintsugi collection will be admired by all – it might just be time to start planning that dinner party.


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