The Diary in June

Our pick of events happening this month or coming up

Main Image: Keith Haring, 1958–1990 Untitled 1983
Vinyl paint on tarpaulin 3068 x 3020 mm Collection of KAWS 
© Keith Haring Foundation

Keith Haring
14 June – 10 Nov

Tate Liverpool

This is the first major UK exhibition of artist and 1980s New York icon Keith Haring. Known for largescale drawings and paintings with motifs such as barking dogs and crawling babies, his work was politically charged, dealing with apartheid, nuclear disarmament and the Aids crisis.

Venice Biennale Arte 2019
5 May – 24 Nov


Alex Da Corte, Rubber Pencil Devil, 2018, Courtesy of The Artist, Karma, Ny And Gio Marconi, Milan

Titled May You Live in Interesting Times – after a ‘Chinese curse’ repeatedly referenced by 20th century Western politicians that has since proved to be apocryphal – the biennale explores art’s critical ability to challenge ‘facts’ and derive pleasure and meaning from alternative interpretations.

10 – 12 June


NeoCon’s 51st edition of this annual event that focuses on commercial interior products explores human-centered design as the most important consideration in creating the built environment. Keynote presentations and exhibitors across one million sq ft of floorspace allow the topic to be explored thoroughly.

London Festival of Architecture
1 – 30 June


The Great Architectural Bake-Off; Tom Horton

What the LFA hopes sets London’s annual architecture festival apart is its open call for inventive ideas, urging ‘anyone with an interest in London’s built environment’ to get involved. Under the theme of ‘Boundaries’ the LFA intends to diversify and democratise discussions on architecture.

New Designers
26 – 29 June, 3 – 6 July

Business Design Centre, London

Yeshen Venema

Students from 200-plus courses present their work to the industry at this event. Week one covers the likes of textiles, fashion, costume, surfaces, ceramics & glass, and crafts; week two looks at product & industrial, furniture, interiors, graphic design, illustration & animation, and motion & digital arts.

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