The Banana Show from Studio Job exhibits in Belgium

Banana Lamps are all the rage at the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery, Belgium

Studio Job's experimental duo has launched its solo exhibition: The Banana Show, at the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery in Knokke, Belgium.


The display comprises of seven distinctive lamps in the shape of half-peeled bananas, glowing luminous from their polished bronze skins.


Banana Lamp extra large version: polished bronze, etched mouth blown glass, hand paintings, LED fittings

Founded by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel in 2000, the Belgium studio has an ethos of 'craftsmanship over quantity and extreme designs over middle-of-the-road concepts'.


Job Smeets said, 'We want to build up an oeuvre, not score a few hits.' Nynke Tynagel said, 'Our work is becoming increasingly expressive and our approach increasingly experimental.'


The Banana Show is a limited edition collection of five self-standing banana designs where the skin holds up the lamp in varying positions, a giant hanging banana wall light and an oversized lamp version. The lamps are all fitted with LED lights and use etched mouth blown glass.


Additionally, the exhibition features the Buoy Mirror: a vibrant red lifebuoy containing a mirror of sintered glass and hand-painted bananas.


Buoy Mirror 2015: mixed media, polished bronze, facet cut mirror, sintered glass (Banana graphics), hand paintings. 15 x 140cm

The solo-exhibition corresponds with the launch of Smeets's book Desegnajoj, which highlights his work from 1998-2015. Supporting the Banana Lamps are ink banana drawings in oak frames and further drawings taken from Smeets's collection 1998-2005 throughout the gallery.


Paper Desk 2015: papier-mâché, wood, polished bronze, PU coating

Studio Job are also displaying two one-off items - a wooden desk and sideboard - as part of its Paper collection. These unique pieces are crafted from papier mâché, coated with polyurethane and finished with polished bronze feet and handles.


Paper Buffet 2015: papier-mâché, wood, patinated bronze, PU coating

Samuel Vanhoegaerden said in May 2015:

'Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world... a nice reference to the other icons of the Pop Art, the Marilyn's, the Campbell's Soups, the Dollars signs, Coca-Cola... distilling the beauty out of the popular is an art form itself.'


Wall hanging Banana Lamp: polished bronze, etched mouth blown glass, hand paintings, LED fittings

Beside Andy Warhol, The Banana Show also refers to American artist Keith Haring, who was an artist-in-residence in Knokke where the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery is based.


The Banana Show is open until 27 September 2015 at Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery Zeedijk 720, 8300 Knokke, Belgium.


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