The 10 Best Public Toilet Designs of 2017

# 5 : The Trail Restroom

Image credit: Paul Finkel | Piston Design

Design: Miro Rivera Architects

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Nestled on the banks of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas is the Trail Restroom, which serves as both a public toilet and a sculpture that enhances the landscape that surrounds it. Designed by Miro Rivera Architects, the public toilet was the first public restroom to be built in the park in over thirty years. 

Image credit: Paul Finkel | Piston Design

The toilet design was conceived to look like a sculpture in the park - a dynamic object to notice whilst users walked along the active trails. The structure consists of 49 vertical Corten steel plates, of varying heights and widths, arranged along a 'spine' that coils at one end to form the restroom walls, with the toilet roof and door made from steel plates. The sections were staggered in size to control the view, and they allow light and fresh air to penetrate the public toilet's interior. 

Image credit: Paul Finkel | Piston Design

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