The 10 Best Designed Cafes in the World

#6 The Cake

Kiev, Ukraine


'Is that a Jeff Koons?', you may ask as you walk through this stylish cafe in Kiev, Ukraine. It isn't, but this cheeky imitation of one of Koons' balloon animal sculptures is pretty close to the mark. However, text printed on the sculpture leaves no doubt that this is simply paying homage to the artist.


Specialising in modern French patisserie, The Cake has an interior design scheme that's every bit as carefully handcrafted as its food.

Designed by, the giant pink, balloon-like sculpture of a dog stands out from the muted tones of its backdrop with ease. The floor is covered with some 10,000 handmade tiles, each of which is subtly different.


As if the cafe wasn't interesting enough, this playful bathroom decor is sure to warrant a trip to the loo.

What do we love about it? Against the background, the designers say it looks, 'Just like a glazed cake on a white plate'. And who doesn't love cake?


(Photos: Andrey Bezuglov, Slava Balbek)

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