rpa:vision designs Byford' flagship store in London

UK-based interior design and construction company, rpa:vision has completed the concept design of the flagship store of Byford in London.

The designer store embodies the quintessential values of the brand, assimilating the great sartorial tradition of tailoring. Featuring attractive timber paneling, the store is a fusion of heritage and contemporary, creating a timeless modern classic.

The architectural motif of the store is the iconic timber panelling, treated with a confident twist, which hints of a basis in heritage with a thoroughly contemporary treatment. Byford’s brand heritage is acknowledged in the integration of traditional joinery and high quality finishes. References to mid-century furniture design in combination with clean lines has been incorporated in the store, giving the brand its unique character.

The store has been partitioned to accommodate different merchandises like casual, formal and inner wear as well as leather goods. Each area is well lighted with natural light arrangements. An altogether lighter approach in the casual wear section at the front of the store is provided with lighting schemes, heavy paneling and leather wrapped shelving.

Byford was founded by Donald Byford in 1919, who began his own sock manufacturing business. In 1951, the company moved into knitwear production. In the late 1990s the brand gradually penetrated the Asian market and Middle East. Today, Byford has more than 1500 sales points in 20 countries across the world.

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