RCA Secret Postcard Exhibition returns in September 2017

The Royal College of Art Secret Postcard exhibition is returning this September.

Sponsored by Stewarts Law, the exhibition will be on display at the Royal College of Arts Battersea campus.  All of the postcards on display, of which there are over 2,000, will be available to purchase with one small catch. Customers must buy their favourite artwork without knowing who created it.

The postcards have been designed by some of the world’s most famous artists and designers and features work from promising students at the college.

Customers are encouraged to choose their postcard based on the designs on the card, not the artist who created them.

Dr. Paul Thompson, Rector RCA, said: ‘The annual RCA Secret exhibition is a unique and exciting art-world moment when a small part of the global contemporary art market is made accessible to all.”

Each postcard is sold for £55. The sale gives lesser known artists the chance to get their work recognised by high profile art collectors and passionate art lovers.

Equally, it gives the buyer the opportunity to get their hands on original artwork created by well-known artists.

All profits from the sale go towards the RCA Student Award Fund, created to help emerging artists in the early stages of their careers by funding scholarships to the College.

“The generous support of the artists and designers, who donate their work to this much-needed cause, enables us to stage this superb exhibition. Each year RCA Secret helps to provide opportunities to the emerging artists and designers of the future, who – as students – are often stretched to their limits financially.” Thompson said.

All the artwork submitted is the artist’s original work. The restriction of the size of a post card presents an unusual challenge, yet there is still a broad range of the work submitted including photography, collage, drawing, painting, and even photography.

All the images from the exhibition will be released online at 9 am on Friday 8 September, the day before the exhibition opens to the public.

If you want to nab yourself a postcard you will have to register online. Buyers will be able to purchase postcards throughout the exhibition which runs from 9 to 15 September.

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