Quotes, thought and thanks from the 2017 FX Talks

Attendees of the FX Talks 2017 share their thoughts on the programme.

Truly brilliant, as I knew it would be. You should be proud! If continued, they complement the magazine beautifully. Wonderful speakers and 15 minutes slots were engaging, punchy and entertaining without becoming a slog to keep up with. I loved Monty, he was mesmerizing…and his message resonated, I think as designers we are under so much pressure to get it right all the time…our clients don’t pay us to make mistakes. Heartening words and I for one got a lot from the fact is it’s ok to make a mistake and learn from it. I am looking forward to the next one already.

Georgia Burt, Director, Gray Baynes + Shaw architects

You nailed it! Well done! Loved the diversity, I never thought I would be inspired by a horse whisperer!

Karen Lambert, Director, Interface

I felt compelled to send you a note to extend my thanks and congratulate you on a most wonderful inaugural FX Talks. The speakers were top notch and truly inspirational – to great effect, as at 10.35 this is the first email I have sent. After spending the earlier part of the morning sketching away, embracing Tim’s (Hunkin’s) passionate plea for us to move away from our screens. Congratulations again.

- Angela Bardino, Grimshaw, Head of Interior Design

It was a great new event and something we are proud to support. Congratulations.

Colin Allan, Managing Director, Morgan Lovell

Thank you for the brilliant inaugural FX Talks, they were so varied yet all so informative and inspiring. I remember when we last met that the talks were just getting off the ground and that you had broached the idea to Monty to speak to a crowd of designers! Thanks again.

Debbie Drake, Associate Director, KSS architects

It was an amazing night – WELL DONE. The speakers and venue were fabulous. Everyone I spoke to had an amazing time.

- Cora, Informare

Wow, what a brilliant evening. Inspiring, thought provoking, humorous and humbling in equal measure. Well done for putting on such a great event, everyone I spoke to had exactly the same thought... You have a responsibility to do it again and again and again! It’s simply too good not to. Once again, stunning evening, well done, a triumph!

Craig Frost, Sales Director, Interface

Thank you for a great evening. I thought your speakers were brilliant and I really enjoyed the format.

- Christopher Newton, Director, Montgomery

I should have written earlier to thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable evening. Speakers were great and the wine was excellent.

- Alex McCuaig, Chairman, MET Studio London

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