The world's 10 best public toilets for 2015

#4 L'Uritonnoir sustainable toilet



Designer: L'uritonnoir by French practice

Location: Various

Introducing the uritonnoir, an economic public toilet that is a hybridisation of two everyday objects: a urinal and a funnel, which produces compost for your garden.


The dry urinal is a green initiative that can be used in public spaces such as festivals, camping or sports events, and private gardens.


The uritonnoir is a simple folded utensil that can be slotted into hay bales for an easy-access loo. By combining carbon (the straw) with nitrogen (the urine), human manure is created. Once it turns into compost - approximately six to 12 months - the manure can be used as an addition to growing plants and vegetables.


The design is from a French group based in Nantes in the south who was seeking a sustainable way of relieving oneself. We're not sure how easily women can use it however it is an innovative design nonetheless.


All images courtesy L'Uritonnoir

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