Public installation takes inspiration from Mosque

Design collective, AWMA, created such an inspirational installation for the Brixton Design Trail that the exhibition has been extended until the 9 October.

The installation is called the Hubb and has been inspired by the role that the Mosque plays within the Islamic community.

Binki Taylor, Curator of the Brixton Design Trail (BDT) said:  “AWMA's Hubb installation is very close to my heart. A powerful reflection of global issues, born out of our local community and beautifully executed by extremely talented creatives. Hubb is the kind of installation BDT was created for.”

Based on the minaret, an architectural device that provides a platform for a person to call the local community for individual reflection and congregational gatherings, the Hubb is a visual call for self-reflection.

Located in Windrush Square in Brixton, the Hubb is visually arresting and invites visitors to explore and even get inside it.

An opening at the bottom of the structure allows visitors to become momentarily isolated from the surrounding world providing an area of serenity. Inside, the structure has an audio system playing soothing music composed by Yusuf Islam who most people know as Cat Stevens. Spatial geometry and scriptural engravings create an entirely unique world within the structure.

The AWMA group consist of four individuals with Afghan, Albanian, Arab and Indian heritage. Together they have created an international hub working at several branding and architectural studios across London.

While on route to the Barbican’s exhibition on Japanese Houses the AWMA passed a mosque and the idea for the Hubb installation was born.  The installation at London Design Festival’s Brixton district was an example of the team’s success when it comes to collaboration with the structure reflecting their city, faith and creativity.

Due to the success of the installation at the design festival, it will be touring several mosques in the UK.

The AWMA currently have two more projects in the works, a soup kitchen and a social enterprise space. So watch this space.

Opening day of AWMA's Hubb ?? (Love), a public art structure headlining at BDT, part of London Design Festival 17 from AWMA on Vimeo.

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