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Finch Floating Homes

Designed in collaboration with TU Delft and Finch Buildings, the Finch Floating Home is aimed to make living possible in areas otherwise not suited for safe habitation. After extensive field research in the Philippines, the creators of the Finch Floating Home realised that amphibious housing may well be the future for many communities across the globe. Flooding and torrential rains combined with rapid population growth mean that the demand for safe, affordable housing is immense. However, in areas of the world such as the Philippines, available dry land is hard to come by.

The Finch Floating Homes were designed to combat the necessity for dry land on which to build safe homes – instead, the concept uses a floating-barrel foundation and prefabricated design. The current idea is based on use for in the Philippines, and is designed with the common housing wishes of a Filipino family in mind. By combining sustainable designs with the use of local materials, the concept could be transferred to provide low-cost living solutions in other developing countries, providing unique and secure homes around the world.

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