Nothing is Impossible with Invisible Glass for Buildings

Guardian Glass is launching “The Invisible Glass” campaign, highlighting the numerous possibilities that are now open to architects using Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass* in exterior building applications. It uses humorous and creative messaging to trigger new ideas from architects for glass building designs.

While the use of anti-reflective glass for interior design and glass displays is becoming ever more common, Guardian Glass wants to highlight that it is now possible to effectively use anti-reflective (“invisible”) glass for building and façade applications too. When glass continues to be a physical barrier, but is no longer an optical one, imagine the world of design opportunities this would present for architects. Reflections and glare can now be minimised, creating invisible glazing for external facades and fenestrations without spoiling an otherwise perfect view.

“The fundamental need to make structural glazing virtually invisible can now be met. Architects can create transparent, crystal clear views through the glass, including curved facades” says Andras Kovacs, Product Manager at Guardian Glass. “Imagine the world’s skyscrapers without reflections in the glazing. It would definitely have a powerful positive effect on the aesthetics of cities and how each building is perceived and experienced”.

The aesthetics of a glass façade are a complex matter that involves levels of internal and external reflection, colours and changes in these properties in different light conditions. Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass allows architects more freedom to create buildings that stand out – by increasing visibility into or from the building, or by creating an invisible canvass to bring the interior to the fore. Optimum performance and aesthetics can be achieved by creating different compositions that provide varying levels of reflection, solar control, thermal insulation and light transmission.

The campaign is now being launched in the UK and consists of a number of creative devices that highlight the benefits of invisible glass. These devices also encourage

architects to order a free sample of invisible glass or to get in touch with Guardian, who can help them realise their projects through the campaign site.

*The Invisible Glass, Guardian Clarity™, can reduce reflection from 8% to around 0.7%, compared to standard glass, as well as increasing light transmission for a viewing experience that is virtually distortion free.

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