NOBODY&CO: The art of new generation interiors

Pushing the boundaries of Italian craftsmanship since 2005, .nobody&co. is a new generation interior design company that translates visionary impulses into desirable, multi-faceted quality furniture and bold, non-conformist design objects

Founded by Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari, the premium brand is steered towards the attitude of the here and now. Sharing a passion for interiors and a background in advertising, the designer-duo decided to create furniture and objects that transcend regular design concepts for the sake of contemporary innovation.

"Finding creative ideas is more a way of living than a way of working," explains Alisée when describing one of her brand's iconic furniture pieces, the so-called "Bibliochaise" – an armchair that comes with an integrated bookshelf system. "We don't want to add "stuff" to an already full world, so we only produce pieces that don't exist and that bring some functionality and style to our lives each and every day."

In this sense, creative expression and sustainability are at the root of each and every collection designed by Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari, and their playful provocation, expressed through a fusion of artistic designs, craftsmanship, functionality and innovation is what makes their premium furniture and design objects unique.

While the quality of design coupled with a ‘Made in Italy’ ethos is paramount to the founders vision, an essential element of the .nobody&co. philosophy is to not only be accessible to a selected few, but to awaken the desire of a multitude of interiors aficionados, who all value exquisite and functional designs made at an accessible price point.

Words by .nobody&co.

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