London Design Festival: T2 Tea asks artists to design iconic tea packaging

Here at DesignCurial, we like art and we love a good cup of tea. So, when we found out that Aussie tea company, T2 Tea, is collaborating with a number of artists for London Design Festival, we got excited.

For one week only, T2 is opening its doors to host an artist workshop in its Shoreditch store in London. The event will showcase some of the city’s most exciting talent.

Nick Hayes

Jane Hoban, Global Brand Director for T2 said:  “Design is an integral part of what we do at T2, just like the London Design Festival, we want to celebrate London as the design capital of the world. We have chosen to work with London-based artists who are renowned for their contemporary style, they are bold and eye catching just like our iconic boxes that we are asking to them to reinvent.”

Ben Rider

Artists will be presented with a white version of the brand’s iconic packaging which is usually orange. Each day, a different artist will try a different type of some of T2’s best-selling tea including, French Earl Grey, Fruitalicious, Gone Surfing, London Breakfast and Gorgeous Geisha.  After tasting their choice of tea, they will then draw their design on the white cube packaging, reflecting the taste and experience of the tea on the box.

William Grill

Throughout the week, the store will remain open to the public. Guests are encouraged to come along and see the artists in action. Each of the limited edition boxes will be sold for £20.

“Our stores are designed to encourage customer discovery, play, and experimentation akin to an artist’s immersion in the design process; we’re excited to bring our T2 brand values to life through this event,” Hoban said.

Katie Scott

T2’s artist workshop will run from 18 – 22 September.

Currently, the program of artists looks like this:

Katie Scott: Monday 18th September

Sarah Tannat-Jones: Tuesday 19th September

William Grill: Wednesday 20th September

Ben Rider: Thursday 21st September

Nick Hayes: Friday 22nd September

The artist workshop will take place at T2’s Shoreditch store: 48-50 Redchurch St, London, E2 7DP

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