Kia Utzon-Frank: Multidisciplinary designer displays her unique installations at Clerkenwell Design Week

As a part of Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, designer and goldsmith Kia Utzon-Frank showcased some of her unusual concepts at the Tarkett and Desso showroom.

KUFstudios is her multi-disciplinary design brand that was launched to encompass all of her versatile methods and practises.

Kia’s designs have no boundaries, so whenever she finds herself creating something new, she adds this to her ever growing repertoire. So far, KUFstudios is made up of 6 catagories - KUFcakes, KUFtwist, KUFstring, KUFjewellery, KUFidea and KUFstuff.

We went to take a look at some of her fascinating designs including the beautiful KUFtwist Louver Twisting Comb installation and her incredible sculptural cake creations.

The KUFtwist is a dramatic multipurpose screen system. It is versatile to the point past imagination, as a bold statement piece, a cordless window blind, a room divider or a shelving system. The screen itself is opened and closed by adjusting the Twist modules, which gives the opportunity for customised lighting and patterns.

The KUFtwist is currently a collaboration process between the two creative minds of Kia Utzon-Frank and Fay McCaul. McCaul’s modern take on traditional textile processes integrate fibre optics and iridescent acrylic to create a stunning range of fabric installations. The shimmering, colour changing and reflective pieces allow light to become art.

The display of Kufcakes, if you didn’t know better, you would think that they were interesting patterned sculptures. Cake? No way.

Kia’s cakes are experimental, daring and downright delicious. Inspired by tacky photograph birthday cakes, she went on to make something beautiful.

To find out more about the work of Kia Utzon-Frank, visit her website.

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