Introducing Wild Things – a L’OBJECT x Haas Brothers collaboration

The Haas Brothers and L’OBJET have collaborated to create a collection of luxury home accessories, inspired by the otherworldly landscape Joshua Tree.

Created “at the intersection of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless sensibility”, L’OBJET is a luxury home accessories brand that was founded by New York-based interior designer, Elad Yifrach, in 2004. Since then, L’OBJET has made waves in the luxury lifestyle market, renowned for its strong desire to share the skills of the artisans that create its products – many of whom Yifrach met during his travels around the world.

L’OBJET offers its discerning customers a range of bold home accessories, with its collections including everything from candles to photo frames, vases and tableware. Each of the collections pays homage to the artisans that have created it, and also highlights the culture that the objects have been inspired by; L’OBJET’s latest collection is one such example.

Called ‘Wild Things’, the new L’OBJET collection has been designed in collaboration with artists Simon and Nikolai Haas – the Haas Brothers – who are well known for their set designs, fashion works, and their own highly original furniture and product designs. Their collaboration with L’OBJET has further solidified the Haas Brothers as extraordinary designers, with the collection being inspired by the ethereal landscape of the Joshua Tree national park in the United States.

Wild Things is comprised of a curated selection of home décor, textiles, tableware and even a specially designed fragrance. Working directly with L’OBJET’s founder and creative director, Yifrach, the Haas Brothers created objects that look like a ‘family’ of creatures, which are fun and full of character. The designers’ hope was that when individuals use the objects from the Wild Things collection, every day moments would become as memorable as the products themselves.

All of L’OBJET’s products are made with the highest quality finishes, and part of the brand’s philosophy is that all items will be elegantly functional, as well as beautifully formed. This ideal remained paramount when the designers were creating the Wild Things collection, with the process beginning with L’OBJET’s in-house design team creating a series of shapes for scale and function.

The Haas Brothers used these shapes as canvases, from which they designed their creative fantasies. The recent technological advances in 3D printing enabled the Haas Brothers’ designs to be transported from their LA studio to L’OBJET’s porcelain atelier in Portugal, where Yifrach and the Haas Brothers manually worked and sculpted each of the prototype designs by hand. After the prototypes were completed, moulds were made to help with the process of porcelain pouring.

The Haas Brothers’ fantasy world of the Wild Things collection includes motifs from the Mojave Desert, which can be found embellished on the collections dinnerware. The décor and textile objects, meanwhile, include signature textures created by the Haas Brothers, such as hand-carved scales, delicate horns, and porcelain ‘fur’. A new scent called Mojave Palm has been created for the collection by master perfumer Yann Vasnier, and is available in a one-wick sculpted porcelain votive, a four-wick unicorn candle, or as Japanese incense.

Part of the Wild Things collection also includes a ‘Second Skin’ series – a group of creatures dreamed up by the Haas Brothers, which have ‘developed’ a second skin to survive the punishing conditions of the Mojave Desert. The Second Skin family of monsters is made up of a selection of uniquely designed vessels and includes 12 hand-painted designs, each with a limited edition of 15 vessels.

Wild Things

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