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  • July 2019

  • Q&A with Cristina Riley of CPMG Architects

    • 02 July 2019

    We find out from Cristina Riley of CPMG Architects what is most important to consider when planning flooring for a project

    Frances Priest Ceramic Art Engages the Senses at New Hospital

    • 02 July 2019

    Frances Priest’s recently completed ceramic art installation at Edinburgh Hospital is engaging patients, residents, staff and visitors alike with its visual warmth and texture. Completed in December 2018, the work is locally referred to as The Tiled Corridor. Fusing studio ceramics with factory tile-making, Priest tapped into local, Victorian architecture for her inspiration and collaborated with specialist ceramic manufacturer Craven Dunnill Jackfield, an experience she refers to as “like gold dust”.

    Shipping forecast: Inside the evolving Brooklyn Navy Yard

    Brooklyn Navy Yard once made ships — now it harbours startups. With a new masterplan from WXY Studio, can it become a model for how to keep manufacturing in cities?

    Cultural anchor: Windermere Jetty by Carmody Groarke

    • 01 July 2019

    Nestled on the shores of Lake Windermere, Carmody Groarke’s new Windermere Jetty museum harnesses history, craft and landscape to curate a visitor experience that will evolve over time

  • June 2019

  • The difficulty of designing a mosque for Prishtina

    • 28 June 2019

    The Kosovan city’s journey towards building a significant new place of worship has been anything but easy, writes Stephen Hitchins

    Biophilic flooring: Biophilic materials, colours and shapes

    • 28 June 2019

    Think of the sensations of walking barefoot on grass, or of warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along a beach – a host of designers are now introducing biophilic elements into flooring

    Flooring focus: Anna Dejlova of Morgan Lovell

    • 27 June 2019

    Anna Dejlova, senior designer at Morgan Lovell, reveals that the best projects are also the most challenging

    The world's 10 best-designed sports stadiums

    • 27 June 2019

    Designing a sports stadium is no easy task. You have to create a building that can facilitate the flow of tens of thousands of people in a short time, provide shopping and catering facilities and give spectators an amazing view of the game. Some architects do this with panache, designing stadiums that look truly amazing, while also fulfilling their function to a tee.

    Radical Thinking: Nigel Tresise of Align

    • 26 June 2019

    With the latest FX Talks event still fresh in the memory, we spoke to the co-founder of Align for his take on radical thinking

    Winners of the A’ Design Awards 2019 Announced

    • 26 June 2019

    The international A’ Design Award & Competition announces its winners, sharing the best designs of 2018 - 2019 in all design disciplines.