Perched on the Amalfi coast, Il San Pietro di Positano is open for 2018

The beautiful Il San Pietro di Positano has opened its doors for 2018, after the renovation of 6 of its authentically Italian suites.

Last month, Il San Pietro di Positano reopened for its 2018 season after another round of renovations. The iconic 5-star hotel, set into a rocky hilltop on the Amalfi coast, has been undergoing a series of updates headed by its third-generation owner, Vito Cinque. Carrying out his investment plan to fine tune Il San Pietro, Cinque has been renovating parts of the hotel over the last few years in collaboration with Italian architect, Fausta Gaetani.  

In the last 3 years, Gaetani has also been involved in the complete renovation of an open space kitchen in the hotel's restaurant and 14 of Il San Pietro’s suites; in 2018, 6 more suites have been updated. It was important for Gaetani and Cinque to keep the hotel’s iconic style when changing the rooms, which is why all the materials used within the hotel are strictly handmade, locally sourced, and designed exclusively for Il San Pietro.

Each of the Il San Pietro’s 56 rooms is individually designed, with Gaetani thinking about the way that the space expresses the local area’s story and style, as well as the authentic traditions of the hotel – but all the while making sure the spaces are modern and stylish. Each suite comes with a bathroom in full Italian marble or terracotta ceramic tiles, and as each room is carved into the rocky hillside, they also all offer panoramic sea views over the Mediterranean coast.

The production of the ceramics, marble, fabrics, flooring and furnishings that make up the rooms’ new interiors have all been created by skilled artisans that live in the area surrounding the hotel – which Il San Pietro see as a “choice that ties the hotel to the local area in a bond of trust, respect and pride”. This decision also influences guest experience at the hotel, as everything from the tiles underfoot to the food served in the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant is local and authentic.

The kitchen of Il San Pietro’s Michelin star restaurant, Zass, was completely refurbished in 2016. Now one of the most eco-friendly hotel kitchens in the world, the Zass kitchen uses induction hobs and an ultra-modern ozone system to sanitise the kitchen – one of the only kitchens in the world to do so. For guests who want a hands-on experience, there is even the possibility of booking a place at the ‘Table du Chef’ inside the kitchen, where they can dine and watch the chefs at work.

A destination for travellers, artists and writers from all over the world, Il San Pietro di Positano is a small, luxurious hotel that has become an emblem for Italian excellence – and with Cinque and Gaetani continuing to work on renovating the hotel’s various spaces, guests will be able to experience the Amalfi coast’s magic for years to come.

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