If Only ... We used all five senses in designing

Says Andy Warner Lacey, of HOK


If Only our perception of space was based on all our senses. Generally, we just use three: sight, sound and touch. Smell and taste barely get considered.

As the designer's toolbox continues to expand with the development of new technologies, we can explore innovative ways to address the senses we use regularly while awakening those we often ignore. This will enable designers to create more stimulating, enriching environments.

Abstract soundscapes projected from cone-like sound showers could support different moods in contained spaces. Diffused aromas evoking the coast, woodland, cut grass or even a joinery workshop could mentally transport people to different places, encouraging them to think and act differently. Flavours, vitamins or energy boosts seeded into the air could invigorate, sustain or intrigue. 3D-printed textures could create wildly differing effects in which wall surfaces become tactile and engaging.

Combining these sensory ingredients in different spaces would stimulate creativity and change behaviours.

Andy Warner Lacey

Andy Warner Lacey

As director of interior design at HOK in London, Andy Warner Lacey is responsible for overseeing the practice's interiors specialists. During his 19 years with HOK he has contributed to a range of projects across London, including the BBC New Broadcasting House, BBC Worldwide at Television Centre and the Francis Crick Institute.

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. With 25 offices worldwide, HOK creates places that enrich people's lives and help clients succeed. DesignIntelligence consistently ranks HOK as a leader in sustainable, high-performance design and technology innovation. hok.com

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