If Only...

We could build on what we already have, says May Fawzy, of MF Studio

I have always been inspired by the British countryside. The trees are a true representation of the great architecture of nature. For the past decades London’s evolving skyline has been a representation of our creativity and civilisation. But who dictated that buildings should be steel and glass? Who dictated that we should lose our nature to the buildings? It’s about time for technology to integrate with nature. With the great evolution of lightweight, high-strength materials and 3D printing we can make a change.

What if we can bring the essence of the countryside to the city? What if we can create floating forests in the sky? What if we could build on what we have? I am dreaming of creating floating parks that connect buildings together, hovering over our beautiful city, making the view of London from a plane even more spectacular and improving the quality of our air. Giving every person in the city a space to escape to; a space with lots of daylight, green trees, stunning views and collaboration spaces. Let’s encourage remote workers to come back to the office, let’s give people a great experience and inspire them to do a better job.

May Fawzy

May Fawzy is an award-winning interior designer with a great passion for the profession. Through her boutique design house (MF Design Studio) she has been creating iconic environments for global clients such as Citrix, La Prairie, Clive Christian and NGAM. In a few short years she has made her brand into one of the most praised in London, winning the 2016 BCO Award for London and the South East. She is on a mission to further integrate the role of interior designers in the commercial world through her contributions with the British Institute of Interior Design.

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