If Only… There were Organic Grid+ workplaces

Say Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson of multidisciplinary design practice Cassidy+Wilson


If Only we could imagine the workplace of the future -- Organic Grid+ gives an insight into what our working lives could be like in 2050.

The scheme uses existing building stock with a health conscious plug-in that unites the workforce and creates a healthier working lifestyle.

Organic Grid+workplaces

The project imagines a world where live content is streamed into the users' eye through an augmented-reality contact lens; this monitors the overall well-being of employees, increasing focus and productivity, while also informing users about their work schedule.

The office space is stripped back, creating a completely flexible, translucent workspace, manipulated on a grid system that promotes stand-up working.

Organic Grid+workplaces

This all comes together in the sky-garden atrium: imagine eating your lunch in a luscious field of gold 100m in the sky, while colleagues take it in turn to harvest their lunch, which is prepared for them.

Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson: Cassidy+Wilson is a young, multidisciplinary design consultancy working across the fields of interior, architectural design and visualisation.

Sean Cassidy
Sean Cassidy

It constantly strives to push the boundaries of design expectations, to create fun, imaginative and visionary solutions.

Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson

Recently, Cassidy+Wilson completed its first major exhibition as part of the 2015 London Festival of Architecture. www.cassidy-wilson.com

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