If Only… there could be a house on the horizon

Gensler imagine a place out of time and out of space

A place where sky meets land or sea; the visible edge between firmament and earth. The horizon divides all visible directions into two categories: those that intersect the Earth’s surface, and those that do not. While you can point a finger at the horizon, you can never reach it.

If only there was a perfect setting to design a secluded retreat away from the worries of modern life, this would be it – a house located precisely on the horizon line. Given that this line does not exist, or rather exists only in a ‘place’ which is both out of time and out of space, the house can be imagined free from gravity, function and context.

This reverie of place contains everything, simultaneously. Dreams and reality. Sky and earth. Day and night. Light and shadow. Woman and man. Life and death. Ephemerality and eternity.

By Maria Framis, Philippe Paré
Gensler is a collaborative team of creative individuals who bring a constructive, strategic and inclusive approach to design. Philippe Paré and Maria Framis are both accomplished architects and designers known for creating inspiring spaces that are both functional and positively affect wellbeing.

Visual Army realised Gensler’s vision with the above visual. They create renderings and 3D architecture graphics with the intention of being faithful to the concept and the essence of the projects they were created for.

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