If Only... See-Beng Ng of Squire & Partners

See-Beng Ng, associate at Squire & Partners wishes commuting was a walk in the park....

If Only we could create greener, healthier cities where commuting was a walk in the park, providing us with a positive start and end to the working day and an opportunity to mentally and physically unwind.

Driven by a desire for a better work/life balance, my idea creates a continuous circuit of calming green spaces that connect homes with places of work. I have imagined a series of connected linear parks with intensive greenery, where walking is the primary mode of ‘transport’ and air is cleaner and fresher.

The green circuit would connect places for exercising, shopping, eating, drinking and sightseeing – and would be used by city residents as well as visitors. Stitching together existing parks and green spaces, the circuit would create an endless loop of walkways that connect people with nature on a daily basis.

Like most people, I combine daily errands and leisure activities with my commute to and from work. If there was a green route with lush landscapes, tall trees, exotic plants and beautiful seasonal flowers, my daily commute would certainly be a walk in the park.


See-Beng Ng is an associate at awardwinning design practice Squire & Partners, with a keen interest in art, style and travel. Squire & Partners has an international reputation for crafted architecture and interiors informed by the history and culture of where it is placed

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