If only: Maren Hartveld, industrial textile designer at Desso

Maren Hartveld, industrial designer at Desso imagines if spaces could transform to meet users’ needs.

We ask designers and architects what they would create if there were no boundaries in design

If Only... spaces could transform to meet the needs of users

Says Maren Hartveld, Industrial Textile Designer, Desso

‘Workplace’ is an out-dated term in today’s world – it suggests boundaries, constraints and compromise. With flexible and mobile working on the up, the lines between people’s work and home life are blurring. If only architecture and interiors could be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of their users and reflect these blurred lines too.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where spaces could change shape and become bigger or smaller when needed, where more windows would appear and floors would become more light-reflecting when natural light is needed. Or colours would adjust to add warmth or create any desired change in atmosphere.

Imagine a world where the workspace wasn’t so static. You would have a completely different experience of space and time. Buildings would come alive and this constant change would work in a stimulating way. It would be the perfect way to address people’s growing need for spaces that could house both their work and home lives, going beyond the constraints of the traditional workplace.

Maren Hartveld is an industrial textile designer for DESSO, the carpet brand in EMEA for Tarkett – a global leader in flooring and sports surfaces solutions. She is currently designing new carpet tile collections, while also being responsible for bespoke flooring creations at the Tarkett Design Center, developing and producing unique custom-made carpets.


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