If only.... by Jonathan Ashmore of ANARCHITECT

British architect Jonathan Ashmore of ANARCHITECT images being rejuvenated at a public, state-funded Climate Resort

Living and working between the two bustling and dense cities of London and Dubai and constantly travelling for projects across Europe, the Middle East and Asia takes its health toll. It certainly makes me crave some destination escapism – to be back in nature, breathe clean air and rejuvenate with heavy doses of oxygen. It must be the Yorkshireman in me but rolling green hills and high altitudes rather than sandy, sun-kissed beaches is where I feel most alive.

My wife Militza, ANARCHITECT’s head of Creative Development, is Serbian. [I keep] learning more and more about the country and – unexpectedly – its cultural history of regular outings to natural health spa retreats, often subsidised by the government.

What if we could be prescribed a medicinal visit to an ‘Air Health Retreat’ – public, state-funded climate resorts throughout Europe? We could check in for a few days to renew ourselves in a high-altitude purpose-built property, optimally positioned at the intersection of natural crosswinds to reap the health benefits.

Founded in 2013 by British architect Jonathan Ashmore, ANARCHITECT is a multiple award-winning architecture, interior architecture and design practice based in Dubai and London that specialises in delivering bespoke projects for design-conscious private and corporate clients globally. Its diverse portfolio of built work spans residential, leisure, hospitality, workplace and culture, and its unique approach traces context, narrative, social engagement and human behaviour to create spaces and experiences individual to each project.


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