If Only...

...I could live at altitude as part of the environment, says Christina Seilern of Studio Seilern Architects

I have grown up on the mountains… but always at the base… my happiest moments are at high altitudes. So living within the mountain, suspended at high altitude, hovering above a cliff and above the clouds seems like a logical choice of an If Only piece…

The architecture would have to be robust (for obvious safety reasons…) but would also have to be non-intrusive.

So a highly reflective hut that fully becomes the environment it occupies seems like the most dramatic approach to this idea. The building would manifest itself at multiple levels on multiple faces of the rock, in order to capture all views and have a lateral space with natural sunlight. The building would be entered from above and the entrance would constitute a dramatic cut within the rock. Imagine an evening by the fire and the window in the midst of a snowfall… A perfectly exhilarating moment…

Christina Seilern

Christina Seilern

Studio Seilern Architects is a London based international creative practice, established in 2006 by Christina Seilern with the intent of creating exceptional architecture that lasts. The studio’s particular expertise lies within commercial, high-end residential, mixed-use, master planning and educational projects.


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