If Only people took priority on the roads and not cars, says Gavin Hughes of HLW

If only people took priority on the roads and not cars, thinks Gavin Hughes, design director at HLW

Don’t (can’t) drive. Mostly because I never had to. I maybe had one or two instances in life where I thought ‘having a car might’ve made this slightly more convenient.’

When I walk down a street anywhere I visit across the world, I imagine what it would be like if there were no routes for automobiles; cars in particular. Picture the relationship people would have with the built environment, no longer crammed onto pathways on the side lines, avoiding collision with each other as our steel overlords dominate the largest footprint and are given priority (us humans have to press a button to request safe passage).

With the current focus on intervening to ensure we leave an inhabitable planet for future generations maybe we reassess how we (re)develop our towns and cities to prioritise the human (pedestrian) experience.

After nearly 30 years of Glasgow weather Gavin Hughes jumped on a train to London. Numerous years later he finds himself working with HLW on a number of exciting projects right across the globe. Active in all aspects of design – briefing, visioning, concept, detail, design monitoring – his interdisciplinary experience brings a knowledge and understanding to the fuller process of design that allows him to think from a different perspective.

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