If Only Furniture Powered the World

...says Jason Brown, director of design and development at Knightsbridge Furniture.

As today’s population becomes ever more dependent on technology, the way in which science integrates into our lives could be considered more widely. Looking beyond the devices on which we rely, what if technology could be channelled for social good?

Building on energy-generating furniture, this could be broadened to power the world’s poorest communities. Using kinetic energy generated through human movement, entire villages could be powered by simply sitting on a specially designed seat. With sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of the design, an alternative renewable energy source could be created, giving people the independence to rebuild communities on their own terms.

Turning our attention to the modern world, as a music enthusiast and DJ, I am often asked to name my ‘desert island’ disc. This technology would eliminate the need to choose, as your whole collection would be available at your fingertips, powered through specialist seating.

Branching out into apparel, implementing this technology in the soles of trainers could revolutionise the concept of the ‘constantly connected consumer’.

Every step would generate a power source, effectively charging the sole of the trainer, allowing you to plug in a device on the go if your battery goes flat.

Jason Brown
Jason is the director of design and development at Knightsbridge Furniture.

Jason Brown, Director of design and development at Knightsbridge Furniture.

The firm has been designing and manufacturing British furniture from its site in Bradford, West Yorkshire for more than 75 years. From the timber mill to the customer’s doorstep, the company takes enormous pride in facilitating the entire production and delivery of its products. This has inspired customer loyalty and ensured Knightsbridge’s place at the forefront of its industry.

Combining traditional woodworking skills with the latest manufacturing techniques, Knightsbridge’s in-house team of craftsmen, designers and R&D specialists create furniture for the workplace, healthcare and hospitality environments.

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