If Only Everyone Dreamed First

...says Lee Penson, Head of architecture and interiors practice PENSON

At University, I had tutors who stamped down on my best ideas. My dreams for carbon-fibre beams, buildings that swivelled over water, black rock to heat and cool at day and night, and even a lift-shaft size that was said to be too small were all rejected. I concluded that they were unaware of the imagination the industry needed. My mantra is to ‘dream first and then think!’

Carbon fibre is much more main stream, and our concept here has lots of it. The lightweight material is constructed into a tower that grows in height by pulling additional lightweight floors into it. We call it the Metropolis. It’s a serene yet energetic place with ‘stacking’ allowing for stability and extra space for green areas, high up in the clouds. The layers create more volume and space internally while the separate sections focus on ecology with their own climate system.

Many commercial issues are solved, including flexibility, constructional costs and occupational problems. It might just be the future of the adjustable skyscraper.

Lee Penson

Lee Penson

With the likes of rap star Jay-Z, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotte World Tower, Google, PlayStation, and AccorHotels ranked among clients, Lee Penson’s brand PENSON has grown to become a leading international architecture and design studio. Penson’s quick sense of humour, gregariousness, yet "say-it-how-it-is" style, his sense of fun and out-going gift of the gab often means that he’ll grab anyone’s attention when it comes to talking design or business. Learning through personal experiences, life in Penson’s eyes is far too short and this drives his desire that the spaces we spend our daily lives should enhance the quality of life. They should unlock the commercial value of all businesses, while making the everyday norm something special.

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