Gas Station Design – The World’s 10 Best Filling Stations for 2017

#10 Union 76 Beverly Hills

Location: LA, USA

Architect: Designer, Gin Wong/William Pereira + Associates

Completed: 1965

The structure originally built for Los Angeles International Airport echoes a futuristic spaceship, but today it shields people while filling their tanks.

Courtesy of Skyscraperpage/Forum

Located just across Beverly Hills City Hall, and across the street from the Wallis Anneberg Centre for Performing Arts, the gas station is set in the heart of glamorous Beverly Hills.

Courtesy of Pinterest/Oobject

The red roof shaped like a boomerang has even had its very own Hollywood highlights as the backdrop for Noel Gallagher’s album cover, High Flying Birds and references in the film Shampoo and L.A. Story with Steve Martin. The gas station’s roof is alit at night making for an elusive backdrop of the buzzing city.

Ging Wong has also lent his ability to other buildings in LA and around the world. Some of his most prized projects include LAX’s Theme Building, CBS Television City in LA, the Union Old building and Marineland.

Courtesy of Arkiteckting

The inspiration for the project was simple. Ging’s involvement with LAX Airport inspired the aesthetic for 76. The demand for a gas station nearby the entrance/exit of the airport was imperative and LAX wanted it to complement the airport as best possible. However, the structure was later sold off in a competition.

Main Image courtesy of Popular Photography 

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