Gas station design – the world’s 10 best filling stations for 2016

#10 Gas Galanta

gas station design

Location: Matúškovo, Slovakia

Architect: Atelier SAD

Completed: 2011

Atelier SAD's design of Gas Galanta echoes the likes of Britain's 1960s Mobil Petrol stations with its flying saucer-styled appearance. Located in Matuskovo in Slovakia, the gas station was completed in 2011.

gas station design

Three large discs supported by a column each create a sheltered concrete canopy over the petrol pumps. Overhead lighting has also been incorporated into these funnel-like structures.

gas station design

An accompanying store brings warmth to the compact area with its light wooden façade and timber beams carrying inside provide fluidity between the exterior and the interior.

All images courtesy of Tomas Soucek

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