FX Awards 2015: The winners

Leisure or Entertainment Venue

Winner: Exploded Cinema

By One Plus Partnership


Image credit: Jonathan Leijonhufvud

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When entering the Exploded Cinema, audiences' eyes meet with the various-shaped 3D boxes. The dramatic black and white perimeter conveys a futuristic and solitary feeling reminiscent of watching a disaster movie. The designers visualise scenes from movies, creating vivid interiors that welcome the audiences as if they have walked into a real disaster-movie setting.

The vibe continues with 3D metal pillars facing different directions, enacting scenes after disasters in which buildings are destroyed. On the ceiling, above the concession, hangs a rectangular LED box that has the ability to play movies or dynamic graphics within the area. Different lengths of black and white stripes in the VIP room continue the 3D theme, adding an edge to welcome the special guests.

Grey square-shaped boxes of sound-absorbing materials surround the auditorium, some enclosing light sources that produce minimal light into the dark auditorium. With a monotone of grey engulfing the whole perimeter, it mimics the effect of the concrete rubble scattered in the vicinity after a huge explosion.

The judges said:

'Simultaneously restrained in palette and outrageous in concept, the Exploded Cinema is a powerfully detailed and beautifully lit immersive experience.'

Finalists & judges' comments

French Institute Library by Bisset Adams
'A calm and elegant library space'

Forest Salon by Chains Interior
'Open and spacious design'

Modern Zen by Daguan Design Association
'Seamless integration of concept, calligraphy, contemporary art and sophisticated interior elements'

Oriental Bay Club by Harmony World Consultant & Design HWCD
'Sculptural approach'

Stop Motion Cinema by One Plus Partnership
'A stunning, dramatic and intricate space'

Coastal Cinema by One Plus Partnership
'Dynamic Interface between coast and land

Jonathan Leijonhufvud Mandarin Palace Clubhouse by PAL Design Consultants
'A beautifully executed interpretation of the traditional scroll form'

1Rebel by Studio C102
'An entertaining take on industrial chic'

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