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by Design Systems


Image credit: Matteo Carcelli

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A sequence of spatial surprises have been created to excite the guests as they discover the hotel. The entire design can be described as a journey of unfoldment of both the physical and psychological senses. Rather than using the most exotic materials, designer furniture and systems, Design Systems drew on enhanced common materials such as concrete, galvanised mild steel, brass, oak and wired glass.

The challenge was to enhance the materials' natural beauty by exploring material textures with surface treatment techniques. The lighting reveals texture, shine and cast shadows, creating beauty which goes beyond the surface.

The intricate details of craftsmanship reveal the products' quality and how they interact with people and other materials. This can be seen in the guest rooms where semi-transparent wired glass is used as a partition, effectively covering the bathroom yet maximising illumination and spaciousness.

The judges said:
'There is a real beauty in the juxtaposition of raw materials and light, enabling some key elements to stand alone as pieces of art; it represents a real desire to do something brave and different.'

Finalists & judges' comments

Generator Paris by DesignAgency
'Fresh approach to hostels'

Yangzhou Heritage Hotel and Resort by Harmony World Consultant & Design HWCD
'An important balance between light and dark'

Hilton Paris Opera by Richmond International for Hilton International
'New interior elements mediate well with the original'

Hotel The Place, Tainan, Taiwan by Mecanoo
'Contemporary and luxurious'

Ulrichshof by noa*
'An exploratory world of senses'

dusitD2 Hotel Constance Pasadena by PAL Design Consultants
'Dramatic yet relaxed, light and airy'

The New York Edition by Rockwell Group
'A space rich in tone and atmosphere'

Virgin Hotels Chicago by Rockwell Group
'Beautiful ergonomic beds

Snoozebox, The Portable Hotel by Tangerine
'Exciting portable pop-up concept'

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel by Villeroy & Boch AG
'A unique experience'

The Miami Beach Edition by Yabu Pushelberg
'Romantic escapism pervades the overall interior

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