Frame of Mind: Lily Tsolakidi of JTP shares her artistic inspirations

In this new feature, Lily Tsolakidi of JTP Architects discusses the works of art that have inspired her

Lily Tsolakidi, JTP

Sarah SZE, SEAMLESS 1999, Tate Modern Collection

I’m drawn into the room by this explosion of objects. Seamless 1999 surrounds me; it’s on the floor, stretching up and across the ceiling. I hold my hands up: sometimes I’m messy and maybe that’s the basis of our attraction.

But, on closer inspection, the complexity can be unpacked. There are layers of order and a sense of balance. This reminds me of my work, analysing complex urban sites to tease out the layers of history and change that allow me to understand ‘place’.

I leave, thinking about the openings in the wall through which the piece escapes and it make me remember the sun-drenched rendered houses of my childhood. Seamless 1999 is like a giant wave that connects that small island in my memory to the city in which I now work and love.

Lily Tsolakidi      

Originating from Rhodes, Greece, Tsolakidi is an architect with a passion for architecture and art. She practices at award-winning architecture and placemaking practice JTP. The design studios based in London and Edinburgh are passionate about creating new places and breathing new life into old ones. Projects include St Clements in Bow, Alconbury Weald and Southall Waterside.

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