Frame of Mind: Dominic Meyrick of Hoare Lea describes the artworks that have inspired him

In this regular series individuals from the creative industries reveal the artworks that have inspired them

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Dan Flavin, Untitled (To Don Judd, colorist) 1-5 1987, National Gallery of Scotland
ARTIST ROOMS National Galleries of Scotland and Tate.
Lent by Artist Rooms Foundation 2013. Copyright Stephen Flavin / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2019.


As a lighting designer I find the fact that after experimenting with painting and drawing Dan Flavin chose light as his medium – as a pure way to express his art – mind-blowing. The first time I saw this piece I read about Flavin’s reason for using light and restricting himself to a limited number of colours and tubes – he wanted his art to be about the idea, not the technique.

Traditionally, a painting’s success is often judged by its luminosity. Flavin put this aside and instead of mimicking light, used fluorescent light tubes to create ephemeral, emotive, and visceral artworks. With 83% of information coming in through our eyes, light art is unlike other media, and in Flavin’s work light and colour overwhelm our visual system and brain, encouraging us to engage in a way that is different. I find it amazing – and, of course, it poses the big question: what is art?

Dominic MeyrickDominic Meyrick has more than 30 years’ experience as a lighting designer. At Hoare Lea he leads Lighting Design, which incorporates Daylight Design, Environmental Light and CGI, providing advice on all aspects of artificial and natural light. Meyrick passionately believes in the importance of creating high-quality lit environments and ensuring that lighting complements the visual impression, while minimising energy use. Projects include Sidra Medical & Research Centre, Doha, Qatar; Heathrow T2A; and Trinity Hall Dining Hall, Cambridge University.

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