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Cay Bond
Cay Bond is a Swedish trend analyst and curator. She has recently worked for wooden floor specialist Bona and developed six floor styles as inspiration for its clients

Image Credit: Ewa Marie Rundquist

What are the most important factors to consider when planning flooring for a new project, whether it’s in a hotel, hospital or factory?
It’s increasingly important to consider the varying functions of the spaces within offices, stores, public spaces and hospitals. Architects, designers and interior decorators are playing a more high-profile role and have to respect the environment. They are professional and keep abreast of new techniques, but they are increasingly integrating long-established craft traditions.

What, in your opinion, are the most exciting trends in flooring for the coming decade?
As a trend analyst I work across a wide spectra, following developments in the arts, architecture, craft, technology, fashion, industrial design and so on. I see a rise in people’s curiosity, along with a new awareness and willingness to try the new while also engaging with traditional styles from the past. One example is the Swedish flooring company Bolon, which has developed its woven product with a mix of artistry, technique and environmentally friendly materials that fit all purposes. There is also growing interest in quality wooden floors.

What would be your fantasy floor?
It would consist of one or several of my preferred materials. These are solid wood, tiles, marble, stone and processed concrete tiles.

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