Flooring focus: New flooring products

Discover a quartet of the latest flooring collections and ideas

1. Change Agent

Change Agent is a coordinated carpet plank and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) collection created by Milliken’s UK design team. It is made up of three carpet designs: Compound Magic, Pure Alchemy and Earth Science. The collection and the extensive colour options are designed for mixing and matching.

The artistic inspiration for the collection is metamorphosis. It features a colour palette that has been created with wellbeing in mind – natural, earthy neutrals, greens and browns to bring the outside in, and silvery metallic greys as well as warm pinks Inspiration for the colours and the forms are taken from ‘the magic of nature’ and in particular the changes observable over time, resulting in colour combinations that have an element of experimental magic.

Milliken’s LVT has additional wellbeing attributes, with improved acoustic performance due to a compact cushion layer to reduce impact sound. The Earth Science collection is ‘loose lay’ LVT, created for easy, adhesive-free installation and maintenance, which is particularly beneficial where regular access to underfloor facilities is needed, such as within commercial environments.

2. The Art of Performance

This year, Swedish flooring company Bolon presented The Art of Performance, a programme that adopts a sustainable approach within its existing product lines. Showcasing woven flooring as art, at the core of The Art of Performance is the belief that design goes beyond what meets the eye. The Art of Performance is built around four virtues: designability, sustainability, cleanability and durability.

The company’s ‘climate-neutral’ site has its own integrated recycling plant, with all collections containing recycled material. Products can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, brush or mop without the use of ‘harmful chemicals’. And the flooring is designed to last, with all collections coming with a 10 to 15-year warranty.

‘We believe it’s important to explore and find new ways of seeing our existing flooring collections,’ says Annica Eklund, chief creative officer at Bolon. ‘It’s interesting to work with what we have, and we want to make our collections newer than ever, through the endless combinations we have created.’

With all Bolon’s products based on the company’s proprietary yarn and expert weaving techniques, the collections are fully adaptable.

3. Looking Glass

Deirdre Dyson’s themed collection for 2020 was unveiled at Maison et Objet, in Paris, and takes its inspiration from the act of looking at and through glass. The Looking Glass collection consists of eight carpet designs, including Transparent, a reinterpretation of decorative shapes on a coloured vase, and Light Between, a play on contrasting monochrome grading with the illusion of light. Slivers, which stems from a series of small flat discs of overlapping glass, combines 33 colours in wool and silk, while Looking Through began as a painting of the distortions seen through a water-filled flask against the real shapes behind.

‘With this collection, my aim was to simulate a visual glassy appearance using wool and silk,’ says Dyson. ‘A challenge indeed, but I hoped that even if I failed to achieve this I would still create exciting and interesting results and effects.’

Each Deirdre Dyson carpet is totally bespoke and can be made to order in any shape or size, fitted or freestanding. Goodweave-certified, Deirdre Dyson carpets are hand woven on the loom in Nepal using only the highest-quality Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. They can also be produced here in the UK using a less expensive gun-tufted method, which is often favoured for commercial spaces.

4. Flotex Naturals

Flotex Naturals is a new range from Forbo Flooring Systems consisting of 20 realistic wood designs. Developed as a response to a ‘continuing strong demand for wood aesthetics’, the collection is a solution for where both design and performance is key. Using digital printing technology, Forbo has created contemporary and highly realistic wood effects – from traditional timber and weathered oak to more contemporary shades, such as ash grey and black, along with new plank structures.

The Flotex Naturals range also has ultra-low VOC emissions, zero phthalates, and can reduce impact sound by up to 20dB. ‘It is a unique offering, providing the warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of a textile, combined with the durability and easy-to-clean benefits of a resilient flooring,’ says Chloe Taylor, global product manager at Forbo Flooring Systems. ‘Its construction and the array of designs available means that Flotex achieves both style and performance, making it the perfect solution for busy locations in leisure, education, office and retail environments.’

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