Find Me and Lose Yourself: the campaign merging humans and nature – literally

Finnish photographer, Konsta Punkka, and German artist, Léonié Gené, have been brought together to create a nature-inspired art campaign that promotes the Canary Islands.

Made up by seven unique isles, the Canary Islands are home to a diverse range of natural environments, from their famous black-and-white beaches to volcanic landscapes and subtropical forests. As such, a new art and photography campaign has been launched by Promotur Turismo de Canarias to highlight the islands’ amazing natural features and invite visitors to see it for themselves.

Anaga, Tenerife: the laurisilva or laurel forest is a subtropical forest which dates back 40 million years and is home to over a hundred unique species of flora and fauna.

Innovative and creative, the campaign has been named ‘Find Me and Lose Yourself’; the idea behind the project is to bring together art and the natural environment to create a visual game, mimicking the surroundings and environment with a body-painted model. The campaign’s title is a clever play on this concept, inviting visitors to ‘find’ the model in the photo and then ‘lose’ themselves in the natural beauty of the Canary Islands.

Paisaje Lunar, Tenerife: like something out of a Science Fiction film, this landscape has been shaped by the eruptions of the Teide and wind erosion, which has transformed the volcanic material into chimneys and rock formations.

The campaign was realised with the help of two prominent individuals in the photography and body-art world.  German artist Léonié Gené is a professional in ‘make up as camouflage’ and offered her expert knowledge of the technique to the project. Behind the photographs is influential instagramer Konsta Punkka, who seems to have an affinity for animals and often waits hours to capture the most outstanding moments in nature.  

Barranco Hondo, Gran Canaria: a robust and tall shrub, the cardon canario grows within ravines and is a micro-habitat, with its interior housing various animal and plant species.

‘Find Me and Lose Yourself’ consists of five cleverly shot photographs of different landscapes on the Canary Islands – within each snapshot hides a person, camouflaged to blend in with their natural surroundings to ‘become one’ with their spectacular environment. This unique, creative campaign for the Canary Islands tourism board marvelously reveals the diverse nature and beautify of this Spanish archipelago. 

Bermeja Mountain, Lanzarote: characteristic of the surrounding volcanoes, this terrain was created as lava flowed slowly, its surface cooling and fragmenting to become these unique rock forms

Feature image - Orzola, Lanzarote: crystal clear waters and pristine white sand beaches are prominent throughout all of the Canary Islands.

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