Fibre Optic Lighting for Private Residence

Fibre Optic Lighting has been around for a while now – and, with certain initiating installations dating back some 25+ years, it has certainly stood the test of time.

Early clients may have felt they were being used as guinea pigs in some rather expensive experiments but, as knowledge and the technology improved, so did market confidence in the ability of properly-specified fibre lighting systems to deliver a very solid return on investment.  And, of course, they were able to provide solutions for challenging and innovative applications which no other lighting technology could fulfil.

As contemporary LED technology has become increasingly efficient, delivering ever-higher light quality, Absolute Action has developed a new range of high-performance LED sources which give comparable performance to earlier Metal Halide projectors and with an enhanced colour rendering index.  It is now possible for historic fibre optic lighting installations to be upgraded, and their functional life extended by a further 30 to 50 years – and beyond!

This stylish application, first installed in 2000 and showing solutions for difficult to maintain lighting both at high level and under water, is just one such installation to have been given the new-age treatment.  Four new LED sources have replaced the original tungsten halogen and metal halide units, thereby extending maintenance from 6,000 to 60,000 hours – and reducing energy consumption.    

Of course, the fibre optics themselves have remained undisturbed since they were originally fitted and the optical outputs carefully focused, so everything is still in pristine condition and as fresh as the very first day.

Fibre Optic Lighting, in all its applications and from wherever the existing installation originated, can usually be successfully upgraded by Absolute Action.  Using our new LED technology, the continued longevity of historic lighting systems is assured, and energy efficiency improved. 

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